What we offer

01 Advisory in program design and Impact evaluation for funding organizations for intercultural cooperation and civic engagement support programs

Location: Europe, MENA region

Goal? Increase the ability of funding actors, grant managers and intercultural cooperation actors to invest their financial resources and adapt their logic of interventions to formulate proposals that meet local change makers’ contexts and needs (cultural and civil society actors) and SDGs 203°.

How? Support Project lifecycle management in Intercultural Cooperation for sustainable development and social impact: Consultation processes to inform strategic action documents, facilitation design, logical framework and impact evaluation process design and actuation.


02 Action Research & Knowledge production for strategic development

Location: EU-MENA regional and Country levels

Goal? Increase the understanding of contemporary social, and urban challenges of living environments and intercultural cooperation.

How? Participatory action research, knowledge management, and elaboration of studies to inform collective impact for sustainability and policymaking.


03 Implementation of Local Innovative Actions and participatory urban planning processes for sustainable livings

Location: At the City level in Europe and MENA region

Goal? Increase the ability of local actors to implement inclusive strategies for sustainable territorial development and promotion.

How? Design participatory processes and methodologies for urban/rural regeneration and sustainable development at the local level (e.g. urban health, rural tourism, cultural heritage promotion, public space revitalization, valorization of creative social economy, etc.)


04 Formulation of Insights for Policymaking at Local and EU level

Location: At Local, National and Regional scale

Goal? Produce deep change in the governance system for sustainable collective impact.

How? Support to entities, projects, and programs that generate discourse towards policy reform and formulation, especially on social inclusion and cultural dimension of sustainable development.


05 Co-learning and Capability Building

Goal? Promote the culture of experimentation, education for active citizenship, sustainable learning practices, and the awareness of the personal role and agency in influencing and preserving the assets of the living environment.

How? Design for social impact learning activities – including in Accademia- facilitation, mentoring, collective inception and co-creation within programs or youth-led and community-based planning processes.


06 Visual & Information Design for Program Impact evaluation and dissemination

Goal? Increase the visibility and the opportunities for multiplying practices around the EU and South Med as well as disseminating knowledge on the impact of social and intercultural programs and projects.

How? Data visualization and Information Design for storytelling social impact of intercultural cooperation actions; Visual facilitation tools for understanding complex challenges and logic of intervention within multilateral partnerships; Publications and curation around projects for social impact.


All this cycle of action contributes to the logic of systemic change. A change that starts with actors who deeply understand the root causes of an issue, develop a vision to change it, connect resources to actively do it, build a process to induce a change in social behaviour, and in policy; learn from their experience, and translate learnings into steps for collective impact.

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