Mediation Culture informs programs and actions for sustainable living spaces, cultures, and social change-makers in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

We act through Urban studies, Culture, SDGs 2030 and Design facilitation to help organizations, communities and cities in shaping informed participatory processes, strategic programming, and spatial design that improve the ways we live in our rural and urban environments.


guides our work for the just transition. We place local initiatives at the heart of the collective action for social well-being. We believe that sustainability can be reached when the creation of new meanings and energies happens in the interconnection of existing resources.


The “We” is placed at the core of a consultancy process for informing cooperation for development, policymaking, and Community-based actions. Every collaboration reflects the “We” power. Actors from different power dynamics come together to plan and produce concrete actions for a sustainable future.

For that, Cities and organizations are supported, across the project life cycle, to design actions and funding for social change and urban resilience of EU-MED spaces and people. Together, we can grow the space of possibilities for the future we want. We need to act on the present to make it more diverse, more cultural, and juster. Once done and redone, tomorrow can start to be more sustainable. In this path, we help you to:

  1. Design and support high level consultation processes for funding and grant-making
  2. Facilitate strategic design and impact evaluation of INTERCULTURAL COOPERATION partnerships
  3. Design & implement PARTICIPATORY & CO-INNOVATION pathways for urban and rural regeneration
  4. Advise & produce knowledge for POLICY and PROJECTS on Culture of sustainable development